"A Simple lighter, but powerful Webbrowser"

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Feature LightBrowse BeffsBrowser
Multi-Tabbed/Windows Browsing Yes Yes
History Yes Yes
Favorites Limited Yes
Utilities (Such as Easy Notes, EasyCapture) No Yes
Private Browsing No Yes
Settings Limited Yes
Easy to Update Yes Yes
Min OS Windows 8 Windows 7, Service Pack 1
StartPage LightPage Yes
License MIT MIT

Favorites: Favorites is limited in LightBrowse, as it is thought if you want a lot of features you would use BeffsBrowser instead, and just not use the extras. The concept is Browsing only focused.

Settings: Settings can help customize your experience, limited settings in light browse will mean, very minimal customizing, as with more settings the app becomes bigger, which isn't the concept of the product.

Minimum OS: Light Browse is starting with a Newer framework meaning compatibility to Windows 7 is limited, so I have decided not to support Windows 7 and older OS versions